T Dot P

Intro No Outro [ The Mixtape ]

Album Artwork

[Intro No Outro Front Cover]
[Intro No Outro Back




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01: Intro No Outro
02: Yup Yup
03: Feelin Good Feelin Great
04: Here I Am
05: What You Know
06: Everytime I See You
07: What I Need 101
08: Top Notch
09: She Was Like A Fiya
10: Irritation
11: Get Down
12: Brothers GET EM
13: Cut Em Off
14: You Talk Alot
15: Out My Zone
16: Paparazzi
17: Do The PJ
18: Body
19: Im Going Home
Bonus Tracks
20: No Clue
21: Parachutes Interlude
22: Robbery Skit